Two-day Seminar on Sales Management with Mr. Jamal Arif

IUS Leadership and Entrepreneurship Center proudly announces two-day seminar on Sales Management. Selling is basically an art that can be developed and nurtured. Salesmen are not born. They are made in the crucible of customer fickleness, demands and requirements on one hand and the unrelenting pressure of competitive forces on the other. Salesmen have to learn the art of negotiating the sale, removing objections and above all winning the hearts and minds of customers for developing long- term relationships. The course will focus on inculcating in the participants the techniques, methodologies and processes that can crown their selling efforts and make their selling endeavors effective in winning over customers and business. It will attempt to demystify the selling process itself by enabling the participants to understand what it takes to ‘make a sale’. The common mistakes and pitfalls that salespeople usually fall prey to will be identified and the way and means to avoid them will be articulated.

The seminar will be provided by Mr. Jamal Arif who is associated with top MNCs such as: Sun Microsystems, Fujitsu Electronics, Hynix Electronics, Mitsubishi Electronics, and Hitachi America Limited, managing in general,a product portfolio of over $300 million in annual sales. Mr. Arif was also a visiting scholar at Harvard Business School.

Date: May 25 & 26
Time: 14:00-18:00
Fee: 100 BAM

Contact: LEC Team
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