Entering Business Plan Competition

This represents the first part of the first phase of the competition where participants will submit their business idea overview.

The business idea overview (min. 6 pages) should include:
• Description of product/service that participants plan to sell (Design, material used, human resources needed)
• Customers – describe the target market for which product/service is designed
• Value proposition (What is offered to the customers in terms of additional value that the product/service compared to the competition? What makes that particular product/service different/unique?)
• Customer contact points (Briefly describe the plan for reaching the customers)
• Competition (Are there direct/indirect competitors for the product/service that is proposed?)
• Start-up capital needed – Costs of starting the business (legal, space, material, machinery, human resources, technology etc. - up to €50,000)

General criteria includes:
• Business Plan minimum value must be 100.000 Euro
• Sharia Complaint
• Business plan must be possible and feasible
• BBI Bank will have ultimate right of refusal for submitted projects
• Given the quality of students and work from the International University of Sarajevo, it is unlikely that a winning project will not be of sufficient quality. Merit is expected to be the primary criteria for business plan selection
• BBI Bank requires that students own at least 20% of a proposed business plan so that the competition is not abused as an avenue for non-students to promote their projects.




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