Leadership and entrepreneurship center

Leadership and Entrepreneurship Center (LEC) is an educational unit of IUS that will provide specific trainings for (at the beginning) IUS students, improve their knowledge, know-how in several studies, and prepare them for a business world. Considering the basic pillars of Bologna process: promoting employability, increasing participation in life-long learning, developing students, including research and innovation in education, we will produce knowledge and skilled workforce, prepared to deal with an economy of 21st century. This means that students will use their gained knowledge through the real examples and exercises, and apply that practice in a real world. Training sessions will be provided through the several study areas: leadership, management, entrepreneurship and innovations, marketing, project management, business communication and other courses proposed by students, professors, or requested by a market demands. The result of the trainings realized through the LEC will become a created chain of knowledge and experience of IUS students, adoptable to any business organizations and a startup for future personal or professional development. Training will create a strong bond between IUS, students and business organizations as well envelop a tailor model of education.




Hrasnička cesta 15, Sarajevo 71210



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