No course in the world is able to make you a leader. The purpose of this course is to help you advance in your own leadership journey. The course provides participants with the opportunity to meet and improve key business knowledge through several business areas of study with main focus on leadership. The key elements of leadership will be discussed and a framework for thinking about leadership created to provide focus for discussions. This should facilitate the development of a coherent and consistent perspective on leadership. Leadership development concepts used in the course will be immediately applicable for students and useful for the rest of their lives.


1. To participate fully in open, intimate small-group discussions about the reflective exercises they have completed on their own.
2. To gain clarity about their leadership principles, values, and ethical boundaries, and how they will respond under pressure when challenged.
3. To explore how to build support teams and lead an integrated life.
4. To apply the aforementioned acquired knowledge to problem-solving and practical situations; enhancing decision-making abilities and conflict management.




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